Who We Are

Claire TremblayClaire Tremblay is the lead lawyer at Tremblay Law Office. Her practice comprises of family law and immigration work associated with family law such as spousal sponsorship and refugee claims. In family law, Claire puts together client agreements, provides independent legal advice, assists at mediation and appears for clients at court. She strives to ensure her clients receive reliable, hard working, and confident legal representation, and puts her clients’ interests first. Claire works together with her clients to ensure they are supported, well informed and equipped with the knowledge they need to move their case forward. To this end, she works with clients to find cost effective solutions including mediation, negotiated settlements, and litigation.

Claire has lived in three countries and moved to Ottawa and commenced law school in 2007, after completing a bilingual degree in Political Science. Her 12 years as a journalist in Australia and Canada, prior to becoming a lawyer, makes her a confident and articulate litigator both in Court and in writing. Claire has travelled to 24 countries, which drives her interest in immigration and refugee law.

Family and Immigration Law